Nate Corwin

Program Manager

Nate Corwin is a native Seattleite, born of 2 Connecticut transplants who had the good sense to stay when they discovered the beautiful Pacific Northwest during their graduate school years. Nate began his schooling at Seattle’s MLK Elementary and graduated from Garfield High School (Go Bulldogs!). He’d like to send a special shout out to Garfield’s Mr. Babani, a teacher who turned the abstract into concrete by making both Algebra and Trigonometry accessible, meaningful, and… yeah, fun!

Nate has worked in and around Seattle area schools for many years, and he is passionate about building and strengthening communities, which is why he loves working at Zeno. He enjoys spending time outdoors with friends and family, especially Loretta. His wife, not the cat. Although he has known the cat longer.

See, several years ago Nate accompanied his sister and niece to PAWS to help them choose a kitten. They didn’t find a kitten, but Nate was smitten by an unusually friendly, raven-furred cat named Loretta. Nate had never met a Loretta, but he had fallen fast and so he took her home. Which made it a little awkward when, several months later, he met and fell for another Loretta. This second Loretta was not a cat.  Months of jealousy ensued, but by the time Nate married Loretta the person, Loretta the cat seemed to have made her peace with the situation.