Molly Hanlon

Board Chair

molly-hanlonZeno makes math fun for families and that’s precisely what inspires Molly to serve. Molly joined Zeno’s Board in 2013 but she has volunteered and supported Zeno since its inception and played an integral role in Zeno’s growth and success. Molly always had a love for math as a kid thanks to teachers like Mrs. Hranac. Mrs. Hranac made Molly feel special for loving math, she let her make mistakes and always reminded her how math was used in the world.

Molly brings a wealth of knowledge to Zeno based on her background in teaching and expertise in fundraising and non-profit leadership. Molly recently worked at the College Success Foundation and is the Founding Trustee of the Hanlon Foundation. When not inspiring kids to love math and sharing her wisdom with Seattle’s non-profit community, you can find Molly spending time with her three kids where you are most likely to spot her driving them to soccer practice.