Mike Greene

Board Member

Mike joined Zeno’s board in June 2017. He is a finance professional with experience working for financial firms in New York and Washington, D.C., and currently serves as a Finance Manager at Microsoft. Mike credits his 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Reiter, with recognizing his interest in complex equations and putting in the extra time to solidify his confidence in math: “Mrs. Reiter noticed early on that I was fascinated by equations with variables, so she challenged me to write down the most complicated equations I could after class. That afternoon I wrote out what I eventually titled ‘Mike’s Awesome Equation,’ and I was so proud that I tore it out of my notebook and carried it in my pocket for days.”

Mike is excited to be on Zeno’s board because “as a youth sports coach, I learned how important instilling a baseline of confidence was for teaching on the field, especially as kids first got started,” which is exactly what Zeno does with math!

When not solving complex equations and building math confidence, Mike can be found coaching youth football, enjoying the sun at Safeco Field, or setting new records for the number of times someone can fall off a stand-up paddle board in an afternoon.

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