Megan Scott

Board Vice Chair

Megan is an education advocate and feels strongly that “we should all hold math competency to the same standard as literacy, especially as our world needs more STEM workers.” Megan is the Chief of Staff for BMGI, an investment firm, where she manages the executive office and the HR and administrative teams. Megan brings these strong leadership skills to Zeno where she’s served as a board member since 2015. Megan most admires “Zeno’s determination to work with families and caregivers in addition to individual learners. A small impact on a caregiver has the potential to compound into a very large impact over the lifetime of the child they support.”

Growing up in Florida, Megan is grateful for her 4th grade math and science teacher, Mrs. Ingram. Megan doesn’t recall worksheets and homework but projects and games that made math fun. In her free time, you’ll find Megan on a walk in Gas Works Park with her husband, Bryan, and their dog, Holly, or trying out the menu at one of the many new Seattle restaurants.

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