Manuela Crowley


Manuela joined the board in 2019 after working for Zeno for almost 12 years as a resident Mathematician, Director of Math Education, and Assistant Director of Early Learning. In addition to her being incredibly familiar with Zeno’s work, she also brings extensive experience in early education and math curriculum to the board. She is a former second grade teacher, education consultant in math, and – in her spare time – was a critical leader in developing a math enrichment program at her children’s elementary school.

After 12 years, Manuela is more passionate about Zeno’s mission than ever. She puts an emphasis on providing math resources to kids and families of color in an effort to lower the opportunity gaps and leveling the playing field around mathematics. But she also believes that it’s not just about lowering the opportunity gap – in the long run it’s about giving kids of color more choices in their education and in their careers.

When not advocating for math in early learning, Manuela Baking can be found baking 100% whole grain bread for her family and friends, perfecting her Italian language skills, or on beautiful Lopez Island catching crab and playing in the water.