Kelly Regan

Board Fellow

Kelly joined Zeno’s board as a Board Fellow in June 2017. Through this program, business students at the University of Washington have the opportunity to join the board of a local non-profit as a non-voting member to learn about the structure of non-profit boards and gain experience for future community engagement. He currently works as a Financial Planning Analyst at The Boeing Company.

Zeno’s commitment to empowering kids through math drew Kelly to the organization. He credits his high school pre-calculus teacher, Mr. Titterud, as a key influence in his own positive relationship with math: “He was always fun and made what might have otherwise been an intimidating subject much more relaxed.”

When not at work or in class, you can find him out on his porch grilling with friends, hiking, or playing tennis…or maybe just relaxing on the couch watching Netflix!

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