Kearstin Williams

Development Coordinator

Kearstin joined the Zeno team in November 2018, bringing a range of experience in volunteer coordination, event planning, and fundraising for the non-profit sector. She was drawn to Zeno due to its mission to empower kids of color to become the next generation of scholars, scientists, and STEM professionals.

Her favorite mathematic process is the multiplication of 9’s. She remembers learning tricks on how to multiply 9’s on her hand in elementary school. The fact that it inversely repeats itself after 9 x 5 was a mind blowing experience for a 3rd grader! The most exciting thing about math in all of history!

When she isn’t coordinating game builds, or helping plan fundraising events, she can be found adventuring deep into nature, attending concerts, hanging out with friends, volunteering in the community, or scouring good deals at Costco.