Katie Sauter

Assistant Director, Programs

No stranger to Zeno, Katie re-joined the team in January 2018 after consulting on game development from afar. In addition to her previous work as Zeno’s Early Learning Specialist, Katie brings a wealth of early education and classroom experience from her time as a Head Start preschool teacher in Oklahoma.

Katie first discovered how fun math can be at Deerfield Elementary, in Mr. Biegun’s 5th grade math and science class. Mr. Biegun made math a hands-on learning experience and ran an after-school math club where students “solved difficult math problems by using manipulatives and representations.” Today, Katie loves that she gets to make math fun for kids by creating games and playing them with early learners at Zeno. She is excited to be back on the team full time.

When not inspiring kids to love math, you can find Katie exploring the city and traveling the world with her daughter Emilia and husband Mel!

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