Kate Sedney-Read

Grants + Project Manager

Kate is proud to be living and working and building community in her home town. Kate was born in Seattle and graduated from Montlake Elementary, where she was wooed and, eventually, won over by the number 8. Initially attractive merely because it rhymed with her name, it was 8’s depth that finally turned the trick. As Kate wistfully reflects, “it was infinite yet… even.” It still is. Today Kate flirts with the all-knowing 42 (which has the distinction of being both Jackie Robinson’s number and the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything), but she remains committed to 8 nonetheless.

After graduating from college Kate worked for 2 Solid Ground AmeriCorps programs before coming to Zeno. She loves the friendliness of the staff at Zeno and particularly appreciates the openness and sense of community here. Her life-long knowledge of and connection to the Seattle area make her a real asset.

When not inspiring kids to love math, Kate can be found lounging in the best coffee shops in the world or enjoying the best microbrews in the world or taking her leisure in the best parks in the world. Like Zeno, Kate is a Seattleite through and through.

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