Kate Donnelly

Board Secretary

kateKate is a seasoned finance professional with over a decade of experience. She is currently a financial planner at Threshold Group where she also plans gatherings through Threshold Group’s Community Square for people to come together to talk about important topics, such as impact investing and making a positive impact in our communities. Kate certainly makes a positive impact through various volunteer positions including providing financial literacy education to young people through Financial Beginnings and working with low income families through the Financial Planning Association of Puget Sound.

After attending Zeno events with her family over the years, Kate joined the Board in 2015. Kate’s deep love for math and Zeno’s mission relates back to the many amazing math teachers she met throughout school. “The math teachers who inspired me the most were those who modeled their love of the subject. Rather than telling me why math is important, they lived and breathed it and showed me how to have fun with it.”

When not inspiring all around her to love math you can find Kate soaking up time with her family, doing crafts, and noting how many times she can spot the number 54. Fun fact, 54 is Kate’s favorite number because of how many times in life she has found it on lockers, jerseys and Nick at Nite reruns of Car 54, Where Are You?

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