Julie Marl

Executive Director

Julie Marl had a great Calculus teacher: Molly Spier. Ms. Spier is one of a special set of teachers who not only recognized students’ different learning styles, but effectively facilitated learning for each of those styles too. Most importantly, she advocated for her students. She not only increased Julie’s love of math, but was also vital in pointing Julie to programs that eventually led her to her degree in chemical engineering.

Julie has taken her math skills to many different jobs including engineering, marketing, sales, and technology. And through it all her love of numbers has persisted. Especially the number 8. It’s 4×2 or 23 or infinity rotated 90º. “It bends and twists and adjusts and still, it’s 8!” It’s just a cool number.

Julie loves the way that Zeno empowers kids to succeed with math. “I love seeing what happens when you prod and poke and are just stubborn enough NOT to give the answer, but instead guide that child into figuring the problem out for themselves. Their shoulders go back, their chest puffs out, and their body language shows that they realize they CAN do math. It’s a beautiful sight.”

Julie lives in Seattle with her husband and young son. When chasing her son doesn’t provide enough exercise, Julie chases Frisbees… sometimes in a pattern like a figure 8.

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