Jay Goyal

Vice Chair

Jay joined the Zeno board in 2019 and brings with him a wealth of experience across a variety of sectors. His experience includes Microsoft, eBay, the Transportation Security Administration shortly after 9/11 and the Adleante Foundation in Honduras. Currently, Jay is the co-founder and CEO of Actively Learn, an innovative platform for both students and teachers that drives greater depth of knowledge

Inspired by his 8th grade geometry teacher, Jay remembers Mrs Owens really pushing her students at proving theorems. Although he remembers it being painful at the time, he also looks back and is grateful for her helping him and others understand geometry and logic! Jay has a penchant for working on big problems and social equity which, Zeno’s focus on low-income communities of color an instant mission match for him. 

When not hard at work supporting students and teachers, Jay can be found at work, at home hopefully playing with his kids, or if he’s  lucky – on an adventure with family and friends.

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