Gladys Reyes

Assistant Manager, Partnerships

Gladys joined the Zeno team in June 2018, bringing her experience working with kids of all ages. She most recently worked at Bright Horizons as an early childhood teacher, and previously worked in after school and summer camp programs.

Gladys is excited to work with a team that shares her passion for equity. She loves that Zeno believes in and supports early education. For Gladys, introducing kids to math from an early age “makes a tremendous difference in how they grow up seeing numbers and how they relate to the world we live in. It helps reduce the intimidation that can come along with math, especially in communities where that is already a common belief.” She looks forward to working with families and educators to erase early math fears and anxiety through fun math games and experience.

When not inspiring kids and families to love math, you can find Gladys listening to music, reading, and exploring the food and natural beauty of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

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