Bill Ketcham

Governance Committee Chair

Bill joined the board of Zeno in 2019, and brings with him a background in architecture, real estate, and construction. At present, his professional work centers on city development projects that include elements of Life Science and Biotechnology. Bill pays homage to Ms. Redding, his second grade math teacher, for changing his attitude towards math from timidness to confident. He recalls being encouraged to recite multiplication tables in front of his fellow classmates, which he attributes to his mastery of them.

For Bill, Zeno is the culmination of several things that he’s truly passionate about: children, family, community, racial equity, and education. He views math as a common language that helps level the playing field, create opportunities for young people, and build their confidence in an academic setting. From a professional standpoint, Bill believes Zeno establishes a strong STEM foundation, and is cultivating the next wave of creative thinkers who will one day build our cities.

When he’s not working on city development projects with his team, you can find Bill inspiring his five children to love math. The oldest is an aspiring actor who’s majoring in Computer Science. The second oldest plays soccer and has his sights set on Finance and Economics. The third oldest sees a professional lacrosse career in their future. And lastly the two youngest, envision themselves as a writer and a doctor.