Bill Ellis

Board Member

billAs a leader in the technology sector, Bill was an Executive and CEO of several software and medical technology firms, including Personal Health Connections Inc., Lexant Inc., Phycom Corp., and SeaMED Corp. Notably, Bill has also served as a partner and volunteer with Social Venture Partners (SVP) where he’s applied his extensive knowledge of business development and strategic growth to countless organizations. Bill’s passion for strengthening our communities through access to education, particularly STEM, is what brought him to Zeno. After serving as Zeno’s lead partner through SVP, he joined Zeno’s Board in 2012 and became Chair in 2014.

At Zeno, Bill is most inspired “seeing kids learning to enjoy math, not fear it.” Bill is most excited about Zeno’s new MathWays for Early Learning program which he was instrumental in building. When not sharing his wisdom with Zeno, you can find Bill traveling with his wife, on a trout stream or at competitive events with his dog. Wondering why Bill’s favorite number is 612? It’s because of its grace and wonderful combination of twos and threes in multiple ways. Not too different from the multiple ways Zeno’s programs engage kids with math.

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