We love to highlight children’s books with a math twist! An interesting storyline peppered with math brainteasers can engage young readers and introduce new math concepts without it seeming cumbersome.

My third-grader enjoyed reading Numbed by David Lubar. Numbed is a story about Benedict and Logan, two kids in fourth grade who visit the fictitious Mobius Mathematics Museum on a field trip. At the museum, the kids discover Cypher, a number crunching robot, who only knows two digits, 0 and 1. Benedict and Logan share how much they hate math and, to teach them a lesson, Cypher zaps them of their math skills. Cast under this spell, Benedict and Logan forget all the math they know.

They return to the museum the next day where they solve many math challenges and regain their math ability. In the process, they learn that math and related problem solving is needed everywhere in real life.

A play on math vocabulary such as Mobious and Fractalli is sprinkled throughout the book to pique the reader’s curiosity. Numbed has the potential to put a positive spin on a reluctant student’s perspective on math. For those who already love math, it is a book with plenty of math riddles. Either way, a good addition to your library!

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