Thank you to all our amazing MIRs over the yearsSince our start as Explorations in Math, Zeno has remained dedicated to improving kids’ confidence and competence in math.  Through the years we have worked to determine the best way to impact children by exploring various methods: programs specifically designed for students, programs that focus on educating parents, and programs that coach and provide resources for teachers.   We continue to research, test, and evolve and have made strong progress refining our programs, engaging new partners, and building our evaluation plans.  We’re encouraged by our achievements and successes that we’re moving in the right direction.

As a result of this process of exploration, our expansion into early learning is gaining strong momentum; we’ve already impacted over 200 families through our MathWays for Early Learning Program and we see great potential to impact hundreds more in the years to come through partnerships with local community organizations, preschools, and PCHP home visit programs.

As we continue to invest more deeply in Early Learning, we have also taken the time to examine our full suite of program offerings more closely in an effort to direct our limited resources where we can make the strongest impact.  Following this analysis, we determined that Zeno, as a small, privately funded non-profit, does not have the capacity to support the Mathematician in Residence (MIR) program with the full attention and resources it deserves. We have made to the very difficult decision to discontinue the MIR program. 

The MIR program has provided coaching and math teaching resources to elementary teachers and has been the foundation of Zeno’s work for years. We deeply value this work and believe that providing coaching and resources to teachers is a promising method to affect change. We are incredibly grateful for the many MIRs who have successfully coached hundreds of teachers over the course of the last decade and for our incredible elementary school partners and donors who made this program possible.

We still see that there remains a need for additional coaching and resources in math for elementary teachers, and we are committed to working with the educator community to advocate on their behalf and to support others in their efforts.

We remain dedicated to a continuum of programming that begins with the littlest learners and progresses to early elementary and plan to seek out other innovative and impactful ways to serve elementary school-aged kids and their families.

Zeno continues to evolve and 2016 is shaping up to be an incredible year.  From Family Math Nights at elementary schools, to Math and Science Mashups presented in partnership with Pacific Science Center, to the many strong relationships we’re rapidly building in Early Learning, to our excellent partnerships with funders, there are many things to be excited about as we kick off 2016.  We hope you’ll join us to learn more about recent successes in our programs at Make a Move 4 Math coming up on Friday, February 26th. Thank you for your support in inspiring programs that build kids’ confidence and competence in math. 


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