What is Pi Day, you ask? It’s a magical day where we pause and honor our favorite mathematical constant, Pi, and we invite you to join in the celebration!

Pi (or 3.1415926….) represents the relationship between a circle’s diameter and its circumference.  Pi allows us to explore many things, like the area of a circle or the volume of a cylinder.

So get your GEEK ON with a few ways to have some Pi Day fun today:

  • Bake a Pi Day Pie!  Indulge in the most famous and delicious of Pi Day traditions – and don’t forget to send us a picture of your creation.
  • Visit one of Seattle’s many Pie Shops! Are you up for Sweet or Savory? Grab the kids and visit a Pi spot near youto celebrate!
  • Sport some Pi Day swag – some of our favorites can be found at Mental_Floss & Neatorama – how do you wear your Pi?
  • Feeling Crafty? Check out this completely irrational Pi Day embroidery pattern.
  • Plan your own Pi Day Lesson! For the most extensive collection of Pi Day activities to try with kids, visit TeachPi.org! You’ll find everything from music videos and recitation competitions to crafts and stories which will help bring understanding around the importance of Pi to your young mathematicians.
  • Experience Numbers firsthand! Have your kids teach YOU about all the fun they had with Pi after discovering it at our Spring Break Camp – Ancient Secrets of Numbers. Registration is still open!
  • Honor Pi with a gift to Zeno! Zeno will serve 13,000+ kids, teachers and families this year! A Pi-worthy gift of $3.14, $31.41, $314.15 or $3,141.59 allows us to build math confidence and lifetime skills for kids in our community all year long. YOU can help us turn an ‘I can’t’ into an ‘I CAN’ and inspire a lifetime of math enthusiasm, especially when it comes to Pi. Click here to donate!
  • And start a Pi Day tradition of your own with your family or school community. Just like the kids & families at South Shore K-8 in Seattle – tonight they are hosting their third annual Pi Day Family Math Night and the event has become a signature part of who they are as a learning community!

Let us know how YOU like to celebrate Pi Day via our Facebook and Twitter feeds!

Wishing you and yours a deliciously irrational Pi Day!!
-The Zeno Team

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