One of my fondest summer memories is rolling out that plastic Slip ‘n Slide. My cousin and I loved that uncontrolled feeling of running and sliding down that slippery path headfirst, until someone inevitably got hurt. She still has a scar on her knee to remind us of the foolishness of it as a wholesome children’s game.

Only slightly less dangerous than the Slip’n Slide is the dreaded Summer Slide. No, it’s not a dance move or a water toy. It is what educators call the loss of 1-2 months of student learning that occurs over summer break. It’s common for teachers to spend at least a month re-teaching material that students have forgotten over the summer. That month of re-teaching eliminates a month that could have been spent on teaching new information and skills. The decline is far worse for lower-income students with less access to academically rich summer camp experiences. More disturbingly, it appears that summer learning loss is cumulative and that, over time, these periods contribute substantially to the achievement gap.

So what can budget-conscious parents do to offset this academic slide? You can find dozens of online articles discussing ways to offset summer reading loss, but how do we motivate children to engage in math all summer? The answer is not found in one of those super-sized math worksheet books! Check out our Over 10 Ways to Beat the Summer Slide featuring creative apps, games, and family activities to keep kids sharpening their problem solving skills and math fluency all summer long.

Stay Math Powered!
Michelle Gnuschke
Zeno Program Manager


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