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In this season of gratitude, here’s a quick countdown of a few things for which I am thankful. 5.   Zeno’s staff. You have never met a more dedicated, smarter or harder-working bunch. My colleagues, whom I am lucky to also call friends, are not in this job for the money (as if!) but because […] Read More

I am a bit late to the party. A six-part series by the New York Times entitled “Me, Myself and Math” released its last essay about a year ago, but I only discovered it today. No matter.  Penned by Cornell University professor of applied mathematics Steven Strogatz, the series looks at humans through the lens of math. […] Read More

What do you think of these numbers, ripped from the (math) headlines? In early September, reported that when a random sampling of Americans were asked “what school subject has been the most valuable to them in their lives,” math got the top honors (34%), followed by Language Arts (21%) and Science (12%). That positive […] Read More

With schools on summer hiatus, it may seem that Zeno goes a bit quiet during July and August. Staff take vacations, meetings are held on our roof deck, and even the frequency of blog, Facebook, and Twitter posts goes down. But don’t be fooled…summer is actually one of our busiest “behind-the-scenes”times. It’s the season in which […] Read More