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    Seattle MathFest is a free celebration for families with young children ages 3-11 (siblings also welcome!). At the event, families play hands-on math games, win prizes and even get to take home some of the fun. While playing, children and adults alike build their confidence and knowledge around math. Don’t miss your chance to […] Read More

Today’s game is perfect for large groups. Take turns counting numbers but careful – some numbers will get you buzzed out! Play it with friends and family and you’ll soon be buzzing with math energy! Your Math Powered gift today=infinite possibilities tomorrow. Consider a donation to @Zeno_Math this holiday season! Read More

We bring you “What’s my Rule?” Make up your own rule, and with just a paper and pencil, you’ll have all players guessing what’s on your mind. MathWays Games help enrich math curriculum outside of school. Your support helps us increase our impact in 2015, donate today. Read More