Do-It-Yourself: Math Powered Programs

 Best Practices

Whether you’re leading a Family Math Night, Math Challenge Board  or Math Club, keep these practices in mind to build kids’ competence and confidence in math.

Do-It-Yourself  Family Math Night

School cafeterias can barely contain the enthusiasm of students, their families and teachers as they play math games together! With over 75 years of combined staff experience, Zeno selects THE best math games on the market today and combines them to create 6 different Family Math Night experiences.

Why have a Family Math Night?

  • To reinforce that math is important and fun;
  • To give adults a chance to model problem solving and persistence; and
  • To promote math confidence in a collaborative, non-graded environment.

Family Math Night resources and training video:

Math Challenge Board

A Zeno Math Challenge Board is a great way to increase math visibility! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a good challenge? With a Zeno Math Challenge Board, kids can catapult their classroom to math stardom by answering rigorous yet practical challenges every month. Check out one of the many Math Challenges here.

  • Your choice of 6 skill-specific Math Challenge Boards is available.
  • Each Math Challenge Board comes with 3 fully laminated monthly challenges.
  • Zeno provides all the materials and online training you’ll need to promote your monthly challenge, review student answers, and award prizes.

Math Club

Math-power your before or after school time with these turn-key clubs. Fun and interactive, Zeno’s games and activities build math competence and confidence. All of our Math Club kits:

  • Include an easy to use Zeno-developed curriculum and online training;
  • Use a variety of games and activities to fully engage 1st-5th grade students in active math learning; and
  • Align with the Common Core (CCSS), particularly the 8 Math Practices.

Math Club curricula and training videos:

1st-2nd Grade

3rd-5th Grade