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WOW!!!  Thanks to 41 incredible Math Champions, we raised over $3,600 for our programs!  GiveBIG was a smashing success all across town where nearly 40,000 champions donated to amazing non-profits in our community! Many thanks to The Seattle Foundation, generous GiveBIG sponsors and the Math Champions who supported Zeno on May 5th!  Thanks to you, […] Read More

When are we going to be there? How far are we going? How far did we come?  Do these questions sound familiar? Perhaps you remember asking the adults around you as a child or have an inquisitive youngster yourself. We’re nearing various school breaks during which you might find yourself traveling with kids who ask […] Read More

Get your family together for a Horse Race – a quick dice game where you sum up and gallop ahead! During the 12 Days of MathWays, Zeno will bring you a different game each day! To play them all, check back here on the Math Matters Blog. And, if you enjoy playing these activities with […] Read More