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Rainier Community Center was the hub of math fun on Thursday November 5, 2015 where 275 adults and 407 kids representing 41 schools and organizations came to celebrate math! Every year Zeno hands out a prize for the school with the highest attendance. For the third year in a row, John Muir Elementary won the recognition […] Read More

Have you heard? Seattle MathFest 2015 is just around the corner. If you have been to a MathFest before, come again this year and multiply your math power! Better yet, tell your friends, neighbors and colleagues how awesome it is and bring them along. If you have never been to a MathFest – you are […] Read More

Because every child deserves to be great at math. Zeno is doubling down to close the opportunity gap in math. Along with our dedicated Board of Directors and staff, I’m thrilled to announce this exciting evolution for Zeno and what it means for our community. Zeno is focusing our resources exclusively on communities with the […] Read More

Over 1,200 participants representing more than 80 schools descended on Crossroads to have fun with math!  It was truly math culture in the making, as hundreds of kids and families were Math Powered together. Hats off to all of the families who took time out of their weekend to play math! Please join us in thanking the over 100+ MathFest […] Read More