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Zeno has the privilege of working with one super math powered sophomore from Redmond High School who brings her passion for FUN math to Zeno kids all year long! In addition to playing the tenor saxophone, running cross country, playing tennis, tackling Pre-Calculus (her favorite class!), dancing hip hop and spending time with friends and […] Read More

Every volunteer at Zeno who devotes even a few hours of time to Zeno contributes to Zeno’s success. We profile volunteers who not only bring themselves and their skill sets to the table but who whole-heartedly believe in Zeno’s cause and show their dedication with their time and effort year after year. Over the past […] Read More

If Zeno were an airline, we would now advertise paperless check-in. A MathFest volunteer now checks in to the event with style. At Volunteer Registration, she is greeted and, in a couple of clicks on a laptop computer, she’s done. After the event, no staff or volunteer time is spent reconciling lists; a simple sync […] Read More

As Holly Wywrich thought about how she would celebrate her 30th birthday last year, inspiration struck. She told her husband, Tom, about her idea. Soon, her friends received this e-mail:  “Nothing makes Holly happier than volunteering. Not even puppies,” Tom wrote. “I have watched Holly knife through blackberry bushes in the pouring rain with the […] Read More

Our volunteers come from different educational backgrounds, professions, countries of origin, and from several different areas around Seattle. But one common trait weaves them all together. It’s that  one unquantifiable, immeasurable soft skill that makes a volunteer pick up the phone or click on their Compose button and respond to Zeno’s call for volunteers. Call […] Read More