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Today’s blog post comes from Megan Wildenradt, Zeno’s Director of Development and Communications. Recently we heard from individuals in our community about their math identities in Being a Math Person Part 1 and Part 2. Megan shares another perspective and a pretty inspiring story to boot! Yup, it’s true. One of Zeno’s own is a […] Read More

Today’s blog post comes from Michelle Gnuschke, Zeno Program Manager, with another perspective on being a math person. “I’m not a math person.” I said that for most of my life. While I knew early on that I was smart and learning new things came easily to me, I never felt that my aptitude applied […] Read More

The following is an excerpt from the Seattle Girls’ School (SGS) Newsletter written by Barbara Frailey, Assistant Head of School. Building a math culture that allows all students to thrive is quite an undertaking and we love hearing from others that are taking on the challenge. Thank you SGS for allowing us to share your […] Read More