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Two years ago, Zeno committed to improving the lives of children from an early age through our MathWays for Early Learning program. One way we reach families through this program is by partnering with organizations that implement a wonderful program called Parent Child Home Program – or PCHP. What is PCHP? PCHP is a 50-year-old […] Read More

This post is from Anusha Rao, Communications and Social Media consultant.  As we settle into another school year, it helps to take some time to set goals. As a parent, my perpetual goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment where my kids can reach their potential. This year, I’m also going to focus […] Read More

This final installment of our summer time math series comes from Anusha Rao, Communications and Social Media consultant. August brought us cool weather, and a downpour of deals for school supplies. $0.17 single subject notebooks and $2 Ticonderogas beckoned us in every direction. My husband and I thought we’d try something different this year. In […] Read More