We are Seattle-based educators and community members who work, volunteer, and contribute to ensure every child has the opportunity to enjoy math. If you’re not sure who to contact, just write and we’ll put you in touch!



Nate Corwin Headshot 2Nate Corwin, Program Manager

Favorite number: 16
Favorite pet never owned: Marmaduke
Tea or coffee: Coffee, please

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Lesly Cristino, Development Coordinatorlesly-cristino

Number of different places lived: 3
Hometown: Houston, TX
Tea or coffee? Tea, for sure.

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Manuela Crowley, Assistant Director of Early ManuelaLearning

Favorite number: 17
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Favorite pet never owned: Giraffe

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Juan Manuel Flores, Jr., Program Coordinatorjuan-manuel-flores

Favorite number: Inifinity
Favorite pet never owned: Tibetan Mastiff
Historical figure to accompany on a deserted island: Malcolm X

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Michelle Gnuschke, Program ManagerMichelle

Favorite number: 3
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Historical figure to accompany on a deserted island: Zeno, of course!

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Tarhata Guiamelon

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA. I’m a valley girl (in name only!)
Favorite Number: e (Euler’s number)
Number of Places Lived: 4

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Maile Hadley, Programs + Operations Directormaile-hadley

Favorite number: 7
Hometown: Tacoma, WA
Ideal Vacation Spot: New Zealand

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rikki-hinzRikki Hinz, Early Learning Specialist

Favorite number: 7
Hometown: Milton, WA
Ideal Vacation Spot: Getting lost in a small town in Morocco

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Julie Marl, Executive Director

Favorite number: 8
Number of different places lived: 9
Historical figure to accompany on a deserted island: Ben Franklin

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Kate Sedney-Read, Grants + Communications  Kate Sedney-Read HeadshotManager

Favorite number: 8
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Historical figure to accompany on a deserted island: Howard Zinn

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Board of Directors

Stephanie Cherrington, Directorstephanie

Favorite number: 7
Hometown: Woodinville, WA
Historical figure to accompany on a deserted island: Amelia Earhart

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Kate Donnelly, Directorkate

Hometown: Greenwich, CT
Favorite number: 54
Ideal vacation spot: A place where I warm my feet with sand, rather than socks.

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 Eu-wanda Eagans, Directoreu-wanda

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Favorite number: 13
Number of different places lived: 7

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Bill Ellis, Board Chair

Favorite Number: 612
Hometown: Twin Falls, ID
Number of different places lived: 12

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Ian Farrell, Treasurerian

Favorite number: 25 (in honor of Raghib “Rocket” Ismail)
Hometown: Iowa City, IA
Favorite pet never owned: Miniature Australian Shepherd

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Kevin Hagwell, Secretarykevin

Hometown: Longview, WA
Favorite pet never owned: Dino from the Flintstones
Favorite number: The luckiest of numbers

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Molly Hanlon, Vice Chairmolly-hanlon

Favorite Number: 7
Hometown: Boise, ID
Favorite Pet Never Owned: Sea Otter

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Fred Holt, Directorfred

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Favorite number: 64242462
Favorite pet never owned: Koala Bear

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Stefan Karisch, Directorstefan

Hometown: Graz, Austria
Favorite number: 19
Favorite pet never owned: Monkey (which my parents wouldn’t even discuss)

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Megan Scott, Directormegan

Hometown: Vero Beach, FL
Favorite number: Infinity
Favorite pet never owned: Polar Bear

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Zeno is made possible by individual donors, grant makers, and sponsors like you. We welcome donations to support our work – every amount helps more people become math powered. To contribute, please make a donation today. If you represent a grant-making organization and would like to learn more about our work with kids, families, teachers, schools and community groups, please contact Kate Sedney-Read. If you are an individual or sponsor looking to learn more about Zeno, please contact Julie Marl. Thank you for your interest!



Our work at Zeno would not be possible with out our amazing volunteers. From math nights to fundraisers and everything in between, we simply would not be able to reach the wide range of teachers, families, and community members currently engaging in our programs without the many individuals who give their time to create math powered moments! If you would like to learn more about volunteering with Zeno, please visit the Volunteer Page.