Michelle Gnuschke

Program Manager

MichelleMichelle has been an educator for 25 years.  “It’s what I do.”

Michelle graduated from Germantown High School in Tennessee, but her career as an educator wasn’t inspired by an exceptional math teacher.  Quite the contrary; Michelle suffered through a series of inept math instructors. “I made a pledge to never be one of those kinds of teachers when I started my career in education.” Her work at Zeno demonstrates that Michelle has kept that pledge. In addition to her great store of experience, Michelle also brings huge amounts of energy, creativity, and inspiration to her work. Her dedication is contagious.

Michelle especially appreciates the way that Zeno instills confidence in kids. It matches her own teaching philosophy exactly. “I love that Zeno is helping kids feel successful at math. That sense of confidence is the key to all learning. As a teacher, I am always looking for little moments of success to capitalize on.”

Michelle is outnumbered at home – the lone female living with a husband, 2 sons and a male dog named Mojo. But she revels in her hectic, sometimes chaotic family. Hot yoga keeps her centered so she can catch or dodge life’s curve balls as needed. “I never know what’s around the next corner. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”