Fred Holt

Board Member

fredFred was fortunate to have countless math teachers who influenced him and it contributed greatly to the positive relationship he has with math today. Notably, it was Ms. Mudge in 4th grade who encouraged Fred to embrace his love of math and Mr. Muckerheide in high school who taught math through games and puzzles.

An innovative and strategic thinker, Fred has served on Zeno’s board since 2011 and has been instrumental in shaping Zeno’s growth and program refinement. Fred has spent his career as a researcher and strategist for the University of Washington, Boeing Company and countless other reputable organizations. When not strengthening Zeno you can find Fred supporting innovative projects at UW Bothell, Critical Informatics, Reverse Image Technologies, and PRISEM. He’s also a loyal volunteer at the Salvation Army ARC.

Wondering about Fred’s favorite number, 64242462? The cycle of gaps between the generators mod 30, naturally.