About Zeno

Zeno = Math Power

At Zeno, a non-profit organization based in Seattle, Washington, we inspire kids to love math!

Zeno's mission is to increase children’s competence and confidence in math with fun and engaging activities. We serve early learners and elementary school aged children in communities furthest from opportunity. Our vision is a world where everyone knows they can do math.

Why Math Matters

Too often we hear comments such as, “I’ve never been good at math,” or “I’m not a math person.” The prevalence of such comments is a symptom of a negative math culture where kids come to believe that math is tedious and inaccessible. Students fail to develop strong math skills and fall behind grade level. Ultimately these students are barred from many opportunities in post-secondary education and living-wage careers. By 2018, there will be a 24% increase in STEM jobs and every one of them will require a strong foundation in math (Washington STEM).

Read on to learn more about why the opportunity gap in math matters.

What We Do

What if we made math more accessible, engaging and enjoyable?

With our many activities and programs focused on children up to age 11 and the adults around them, we re-frame math as fun and relevant so that kids, teachers and families from all backgrounds can build math confidence and competence.

Strategic Plan

Zeno strives to provide inspiring programs that integrate math in everyday experiences for kids from an early age within communities of the greatest need. Our three-year strategic plan outlines Zeno’s four key areas of focus, program implementation plan, and a financial approach that will allow us to provide these programs effectively. The strategic plan covers three fiscal years, starting September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2018. Zeno Board and Staff updated the plan in September 2016.

Read the full plan here.

A sound financial strategy is a part of our current success and vision for the future. In addition to the financial strategy outlined in the above plan, please see Zeno's most recently audited financials here.


We value transparency and invite you to view our most recent financial documentation. If you have any questions about Zeno's financials, please reach out to us at info@zenomath.org.

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